Price List


1. Manicure (25 mins)$13
Our basic manicure includes trim/soften your cuticles and shape your nails to be topped with a polish of your choice. At the same time, you will enjoy a hand lotion massage and a light shoulder massage.
2. Luxury Manicure (35 mins)$20
(Mint, Lavender, Rose, Coffee, Chocolate, Milk, Avocado, Tangerine)

This includes a basic manicure plus an extra massage with a Sloughing Creme to gently exfoliate rough, dry skin. Also, a variety of different scented masks and hot towels will ease away your minor aches and pains.

3. OPI Luxury Manicure (40 mins)$30
Give your hands the VIP treatment with our OPI exclusive manicure. This includes an exfoliating scrub, hand mask, paraffin dip and a rich hydrating lotion. You can choose rejuvenating Royal Verbena or exotic Papaya-Pineapple to unlock your hands’ youthful essence.
4. Gel Manicure$31
This includes our basic manicure that uses the everlasting Gel Polish, which stays on longer than two weeks with no damage to your nails.
Gel Color.................................. $20
French or American adds $5
5. Organic Luxury Manicure (45 mins)$37
Take care of your hands with fresh, organic products filed with essential oils and herbal extracts. This includes and invigorating scrub, hand mask, paraffin dip, and a vitamin-rich cream lotion. This service has your choice of Spearmint-Vanilla or Lemongrass-Green Tea scrent.

Combination Discounts

1. Spa Manicure & Pedicure$35
2. Spa Manicure & Luxury Pedicure$45
3. Luxury Manicure & Luxury Pedicure$52
4. Spa Manicure & OPI Luxury Pedicure$55
5. OPI Luxury Manicure & OPI Luxury Pedicure$70
6. Spa Manicure & Organic Luxury Pedicure$65
7. Organic Manicure & Organic Luxury Pedicure$87

With HOTSTONE – Hand $8 / Feet $10


1. Spa Pedicure (35 mins)$24
Our spa pedicure includes nails trimming, shaping, buffing and cuticle grooming. A callus remover will clear away the heels’ dry skin. Your feet will be treated with a sugar scrub and a conditioning lotion massage to be followed by hot towels and a polish of your choice.
2. Luxury Spa Pedicure (45 mins)$34
(Mint, Lavender, Rose, Coffee, Chocolate, Milk, Avocado, Tangerine)

This includes Spa Pedicure. We will pamper you with extra massages of the head, neck, shoulders and feet. A Sloughing Creme will gently exfoliate rough, dry skin and leave you with a cool peppermint sensation. Also, different scented masks will rejuvenate and maintain your youthful elasticity. Finally, a hot towel wrap will hug your feet in wamth.

3. Hot Stones Luxury Pedicure (55 mins)$45
This includes Luxury Spa Pedicure plus hot stone massage. The stones will redirect energy flow to an area of blockage to harmonized the body and mind at its deepest level.
4. OPI Luxury Pedicure (55 mins)$45
Our OPI exlucsive pedicure features a choice of either a Royal Verbena or Papaya-Pineapple treatment. Each luxury treatment is composed of an exfoliating scrub, foot mask, paraffin dip, and a rich, hydrating lotion. Both will give your skin a smooth and subtle texture and healthy glow. Complete your OPI experience with an extra head, neck and shoulder massage. Try it and love it!
5. OPI Luxury Pedicure & Hot Stones (60 mins)$55
6. Organic Luxury Pedicure (60 mins)$55
Melted into relaxation as we ease away your tensions with certified organic products that are composed of essential oils and herbal extracts. This service starts off with an invigorating scrub, foot mask, paraffin dip, a vitamin-rich cream lotion, hot towel wrap, extra head, neck, shoulder, and an extra 10-minutes foot massage. You can choose between Spearmint-Vanilla or Lemongrass-Greentea scent to take you into a fresh state of being
7. Organic Luxury Pedicure & Hot Stones (70 mins)$65

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Nails

Opaque acrylic powder is used to create artificial nails

Full Set$25

Gel Powder

Full Set$30

Solar Pink & White Nails

Full Set$40
Solar Pink Only Full Set$30
Solar Pink Only Fill-In
Add Gel on top for $5 extra

SNS Gel Dip


Additional Services

1. French/American (w/service)$5
2. White tips (w/any full set)$5
3. Nails take-off (w/any full set)$4
4. Nail Repairs$3up
5. Nail Arts$3
6. Nail Arts (for 2)$5
7. Nails Take-off$10
8. Nails Take-off (w/Mani)$20
9. Gel Polish Take-off (w/Mani)$18
10. Paraffin (hands)$5
11. Paraffin (feet)$7

Polish Change

1. Regular Color$7
2. French / American$9


1. Eyebrows$15
2. Eyelashes$20
3. Eyelashes & Eyebrows$30

Facial Treatments

1. Deep Pore Cleansing Facial$45/ 40 mins
This includes an exfoliating treatment followed by a steam to remove skin impurities. A gentle face/neck massage will relax your mind until the application a nourishing mask and protective cream.
1. Luxury Facial$65/ 60 mins
Unlock the beauty of your skin with a deep pore cleansing facial and ultrasonic facial, which improves the skin’s circulation and texture. Feel all your tension disappear with extra massages of the face, neck, shoulders, and hands. An additional serum treatment will top off your luxury facial experience that leaves your skin a youthful essence.

Kids Menu

1. Manicure$13
2. Spa Pedicure$17
3. Spa Manicure & Pedicure$25
4. Polish change of hands or feet$7
Free 2 nails arts

Waxing Services

1. Eyebrows$9
2. Upper Lip$6
3. Chin$7
4. Cheeks$10
5. Full Face$30
6. Under Arms$18
7. Half Arms$25
8. Full Arms$35
9. Half Legs$30
10. Full Legs$50
11. Tummy$15
12. Chest$35 up
13. Back$35 up
14. Bikini$25 up
15. Brazilian$45 up